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As a Medical Cannabis Specialist, Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. is certified to prescribe medical cannabis in B.C., Canada, please download the Forms below:


Capital [T]hank you for browsing in my web page which is an educational resource on Acupuncture Detox, TCM Research, Qi (energy) Healing, and Meditation and is also the first of its kind in Canada. With great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart.

First of all, I have written the following information for my individual and corporate clients so that they can have an idea regarding my approach for healing their health challenges through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with western self-relations psychotherapy and other Alternative Medicine (AM), and also to update them of current information on health topics (such as weight loss, sexual dysfunction and depressed immune system disorders) and noteworthy events. I have added self-help information such as the Stephen Gilligan's self-relations psychotherapy protocols (from his book The Courage to Love) and John Gray's feeling letter format (from his book What You Feel You Can Heal) to help them deal with their mental and emotional health problems.

Secondly, I'm sharing the following information FREE for everybody with addiction problems to offer them hope because the following international clinical research on healing addictions through TCM and other AM strongly proves that it works when integrated with the traditional western treatments (harm reduction approach) and/or self-help groups such as the Alcoholics Anonymous.

Thirdly, as a teacher of Bio-Energy Healing and Meditation, it feels very spiritually gratifying and fulfilling to be the founder of the first S.U.F.I. (Philippines) affiliate center in North America as Serve the U.N.I.C.O.R.N. Fellowship, Inc. (S.U.F.I.) Center of B.C. which is authorized by my beloved Unicorn Meditation Ascended Master Miguel Nator to teach bio-energy healing, advanced meditation techniques (such as Triangles Work, Winged Unicorn Meditation and also the Melchizedek method authorized by Alton Kamadon of the Kamadon Order of Mastery) and esoteric inner studies for integrated (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual) optimum health improvement, and for hastening the spiritual development and Self-Realization of sincere and prepared spiritual seekers who are ready.

I would like to thank and dedicate this work to NADA's Dr. Michael Smith, Alex Brumbaugh, Ruth W. Ackerman, Rachel Diaz and Mario Ibarra, to John Gray, Stephen Gilligan, Marilyn Atkinson, Master Choa Kok Sui, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Master Miguel Nator, Francis Liongson, Nona Castro, Paul Hubbert, members of Serve the UNICORN Fellowship, Inc. (SUFI), members of Arhatic Yoga Society, Master Li Jun Feng, members of International Sheng Zhen Society, Master Ou Wen Wei, fellow Pan Gu Shengong instructors, members of Rosicrucian Order (AMORC), John Scott, Alton Kamadon, Saranya Zaveri, Michael Winn, Master Mantak Chia, Dr. Kok Yuen Leung, Dr. Feng Weiming, Dr. Natalia Lapa, people at, my mother and father, my brothers and sisters, Zenaida Jamolin, my daughter Anne Shirley and my sons Raymond, James and Joseph and to my numerous clients, teachers not mentioned and friends who have contributed their love, knowledge, appreciation and feedback.

I'll be updating the table of contents from time to time from my future research so please keep in touch. With the opening of my web site on November 5, 1997, coincidentally, a commemorable statement from the Consensus Statement on Acupuncture by the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) concluded that acupuncture treatment with Light therapy for many conditions such as asthma, addiction, or smoking cessation should be part of a comprehensive management program. This long awaited news release should give my website credibility for its inception and end acupuncture therapy's struggle for legitimacy in the treatment of chemical dependency.

I am available for Distance or Absent healing or Workshops on advanced meditation and bio-energy healing techniques for vital energy therapists (Qi Gong, reiki, therapeutic touch) and for spiritual enlightenment, on acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for drug detoxification theories with protocols together with chronic pain and depressed immune system disorders theories with protocols and on TCM for drug detoxification designed for the general public and health professionals and lastly for Healing and Meditation Tour in the Philippines. For more information about my fees and schedules, please email me here or enter your specific questions, comments, and product or service information at my Guest Book page and Inquiry Form.

I have published this website into an ebook format for your convenience.

For treatment fee structure click here. Inquiry consultations by email.Ricardo's Chinese name

Thank you very much and click to hear the (Qi) Force will be with you, always.

Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac, MH, ADS
Addiction, Chronic Pain and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Weight Loss Specialist


An Introduction to Acupuncture & other Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies



ARTICLES by Ricardo B Serrano

Acupuncture Treatment for Substance Abuse NEW UPDATE!

An Integrated TCM Way for Healing Chemical Dependency

Zen Phrases Generator Button with Self-Relations Psychotherapy Protocols

Feeling Letter Format with Funny Quote Generator Button

Curriculum Vitae (a), Curriculum Vitae (b)


A TALK by Yogi Sharanananda

IN OUR MAIL BOX with New Year Meditation & Join the AcuTCM Detox Mailing List!




For My Students'/Associates' Eyes Only with 'When were you born?' & Moon Phases

Please sign my Guest Book page and my Inquiry Form for any inquiries. Thank You!

Hunab Ku, Unified field of cosmic consciousness at the galactic core in the center of the universe

The Force

"An ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is.
Life creates it. . . makes it grow. Its energy
surrounds us and binds us luminous beings, though,
not this crude matter. You must feel the Force
around you. Between you, me, the tree, the rock,
everywhere, yes, even between the land, and the ship."
-Yoda, Jedi Master from Star Wars-


"What does fear got to do with anything?"

"Everything. Fear is the path to the dark side.
Fear leads to anger ...
anger leads to hate ...
hate leads to suffering."
-Yoda, Jedi Master of Star Wars-

Note: As a yogi and energy healer, the above speech about the Force (Shakti, Cosmic Christ Consciousness)
is the Truth which makes Self-Realization, spiritual healing and clairvoyance possible.

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Acupuncture Treatment for Substance Abuse
A Talk by Yogi Sharanananda

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TCM Community Notes & Events
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EFT Qi-healers Method
New Additions & News Release
TCM and sexual dysfunction
Acupuncture Detox Specialist Job Description
Qigong of Unconditional Love at B.C., Canada
Solution Focused Addictions Counselling
You Hold the Keys to Healing
Weight Loss & Gaining Energy
Glutathione for Drug Detoxification & Health
SUFI Center of BC Message Inquiry
Qi-healers Without Borders




Clairvoyantly Seen as
The Golden Auric Body of a Qigong Master

Qigong Master's Golden Aura with Merkabah (Light Body) Activated


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"With compassion, one can love unconditionally
With unconditional love, one can heal boundlessly
With boundless energy, one can ascend spiritually."
- Yogi Sharanananda

A Co-Creator's Thought-intention to manifest Universal Humanity on Earth

- Quotes for 2002 -


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