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Welcome to the AcuTCM Detox Mailing List!

The first objective of this mailing list is to have a list of interested layman and health professionals who have common interests in the field of drug addiction and its treatment from different conventional and alternative complementary approaches.

The second objective is to have referrals from the list so that everyone in the list can benefit from each other's experiences of which modalities work for them. From a united perspective, everyone who are in the list will have the help and support needed.

Please fill in and submit the form below or the Guest Book page if you want to share your support to whoever ask for one. I also need your permission to refer you to somebody whom I feel will benefit from your modality if you are a health practitioner or from your support in any capacity if you are a layman. You can also fill in and submit the Multiple Mailer form to select the recipient you can email your message to.

Due to my busy schedule as a programmer/webmaster, please bear with me if I don't respond to your requests right away. I will answer your requests as soon as possible.

I am now an adviser of which offers expert advice and services for a fee. For anybody who are in need, wants expert speedy advise and can afford to pay, you can use this website to have me as your adviser in the areas of Qi Meditation and Spiritual Healing Techniques which addresses and heals, I think, the root of all addictions and other health problems.

With great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart.

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Ricardo Serrano, LAc, Webmaster
by The Acupuncture/TCM Detox & SUFI Center of BC