Creed of Peace

Capital [W]ith great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart. When I was reviewing my 11th degree Rosicrucian monographs for my meditation technique called Eye of RA which developed from an integration of Philippines style of advanced yoga meditation techniques and Rosicrucian meditation techniques mentioned in my article Bond of Power, I came across an article written by my first Rosicrucian spiritual teacher Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis called Peace Through Understanding which I would like to share with you.

The following statements quoted universal truths which I wholeheartedly agree.

The true articles of peace cannot be legislated but are drawn up in the personal aspirations and conduct of the millions of little people. When all men will frankly perceive their common dependence, an understanding will emerge that will transcend the barriers of time and space, creed and race. The CREED OF PEACE written below is indicative of the individual's responsibility in preventing war and creating a lasting peace.


I am guilty of war when I proudly exercise my intelligence to the disadvantage of my fellow man.

I am guilty of war when I distort others' opinions which differ from my own.

I am guilty of war when I show disregard for the rights and properties of others.

I am guilty of war when I covet what another has honestly acquired.

I am guilty of war when I seek to maintain my superiority of position by depriving others of their opportunity of advancement.

I am guilty of war if I imagine my kin and myself to be a priveleged people.

I am guilty of war if I believe a heritage entitles me to monopolize resources of nature.

I am guilty of war when I believe other people must think and live as I do.

I am guilty of war when I make success in life solely dependent upon power, fame, and riches.

I am guilty of war when I think the minds of people should be regulated by force, rather than by reason.

I am guilty of war when I believe the God I conceive is the one others must accept.

I am guilty of war when I think that a land of a man's birth must necessarily be the place of his livelihood.

I hope that the above statements are read and contemplated by every one young and old, rich and poor, people with responsibility in the government or associations, and everyone with relationships (social, marital, business, work, spiritual, family, educational, professional) for the realization of world peace.

Peace be with you and everyone.

Prepared by Ricardo B. Serrano, January 28, 1998
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