Capital [W]ith great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart. Starting this new endeavor of writing and sending information through my own web site to me is both exciting and challenging from a mental and spiritual point of view because of the new possibilities offered thru this medium which parallels and reminds me of the inherent possibilities from our inner selves which if not tapped remained dormant and disconnected.

This long time yearning of mine to integrate and connect with the inside and outside energy world is finding its expression beautifully thru the internet. I believe also that writing and communicating glimpses of what I call soul talk is healthy and necessary.

Because of its timely message let me quote the Universal Prayer:

1. May the wicked become good. May the good obtain peace. May the peaceful be freed from bonds. May the freed set others free.

2. Blessings on the subjects of those who are ruling, and may these great lords rule the earth in a just manner, May good always be the lot of cows and Bramins. May all people be happy.

3. May it rain at the right time. May the earth have storehouses full of grain. May this country be free of disturbances May Brahmins (and those racially, sexually, and culturally descriminated) be free of persecution.

4. May all be happy. May all be healthy, May all see only auspicious sights. May no one have a share in sorrow.

5. May everyone surmount his difficulties. May everyone see only auspicious sights. May everyone have his desires fulfilled. May everyone everywhere be glad.

6. May blessings fall on our father, blessings on the cows, the fields, the workers. May everything of ours flourish and be an aid to knowledge. And long may we see the sun.

Prepared by Ricardo B. Serrano, DAc, MH, ADS, October 31, 1997
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