British Columbia Acupuncture Detox Committee

Capital [T]he B.C. Acupuncture Detox Committee is composed of National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) certified acupuncture detoxification specialist and registered acupuncturist members recognized by the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board to represent dedicated active pioneering acupuncturists in the Lower Mainland for consultation on acupuncture detox presentations, protocols, project set ups and proposal.

The following is the de facto B.C. members incomplete list (with their permission) with their addresses, phone numbers and email addresses:

Harvey Zhu, 11923 - 223rd St., Maple Ridge, B.C. ph. # 466-9938

Les Moncrieff, 535 Garfield St., New Westminster, B.C. V3L 4A6 ph. # 520-3505 email click here.

Mario Ibarra, 14377 - 88th Avenue, Surrey, B.C V3W 3L8 ph. # 583-8408

Oscar Co, Fraser Acupuncture Centre, 3278 Fraser St., Vancouver, B.C. V4V 5B9 ph. # 873-9950 email click here.

Ricardo B. Serrano, #601, 110 West 4th Street, N. Vancouver, BC V7M 3H3 phone # 604-987-1797 Please visit FREEDOM Holistic Health Center or email click here.

Let me state a saying that is applicable to people's winning attitude, "The people who matter don't mind, and the people who mind . . . don't matter."

You can contact anyone of the above acupuncturists who live close to your area for consultation.

Please read Option 3. For Public Acupuncture Drug Detoxification Setting under Treatment Fee Structure for more information on B.C. Acupuncture Detox Committee's consensus fee proposal.

Thank you for your interest.

Prepared by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac, MH, ADS, Last modified February 21, 1998
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